IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation  

Design of Real Estate Sale Center

Sichuan-Hongkong Cooperation Demonstration Park


The most beautiful of all three-dimensional graphics is the sphere, and the most beautiful of all plane graphics is the circle. ——Pythagoras
If design aims to explore culture and show avant-garde art as the design concept, which injects new impetus into building a world-famous cultural city.
Break through the traditional design ideas, create innovative IP, cultural landmarks, grab the "universe planet" as the design core, and carefully build an industrial museum comparable to the art museum.


The lamps and lanterns of the reception desk have a unique sense of quality and high-level sense of gold. The simple vertical long lines with golden spherical decoration create endless artistic sense in geometric space. The spherical decoration at the bottom of the lamp tube is like raindrops falling down and like a planet, which is quiet and harmonious.
We love geometry so much because it has infinite meanings. As Pythagoras said, in the simplicity of mathematics, there is harmony.
Art is the wings of imagination. We have never seen a black hole in the universe, but we can use modern design techniques to reproduce its mystery and greatness.
When space condenses into a cosmic black hole, stars and even time will be swallowed up. The rotating and rising star art installation in the region symbolizes a multiple universe. It is the flower of thoughts blooming on the road of exploring the truth of all things, and the enchantment is constantly rising. In the space symbolizing the black hole, the five stars of gold, wood, water, fire and earth are all swallowed up and twinkle in them.
Observe a delicate planet and its reflection on the ground, as if the time of the universe is still. Elegant and simple colors, dynamic lines, stillness and movement seem to be able to change in an instant.
The art illustration and installation in the exhibition gallery let you meet the "planet" inadvertently, and think about the relationship between people and the planet for a moment in the feeling of beauty.
Turning into the sand table area, you will see a huge spiral art installation. The designer is good at controlling the sense of space, one positive and one negative. The artistic installation in this space has a rotating and changing curve, flowing infinitely, day and night. It symbolizes the white hole of the universe, and constantly releases the ever-changing universe existence.
The streamline design of space makes the huge art installation like a big bird flying in the universe, giving the space a vivid artistic sense. The spiritual charm of endless freedom is revealed in simplicity. As Chuang Tzu's fable in "a free journey," there are fish in the northern Ming Dynasty, whose name is Kun. Kun is so big that I don't know how many kilometers it is. "

If Design

Co founder, creative director & General Manager: Zhang Yu
Co founder, design director: Lu Shangfeng
Partner: Hardware Design Director: Zhang dianchen
Company website: http://www.ifdesign-sh.com
IF.DESIGN Feather fruit design always adheres to the concept of "aesthetics / life / rebirth". Constantly cross the border to ensure the forward-looking and innovative design. Respect customers' characteristics and cultural diversity, and inject never satisfied enterprising force into a better life.

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