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Italy International Design Award 2024

Shangnan Road Co-living Apartment commercial project

Shangnan Road Co-living Apartment commercial project
Winner of 2023 SILVER Prize

Design of Commercial Architecture


The project is located in Sanlin area, Pudong District of Shanghai, surrounded by well-developed residential areas. It is a livable place with convenient transportation. The site is divided into east and west, which are the community business center and community public service center respectively.
Site area of the project is 8684.9 square meters, GFA is 17370 square meters.
Secret Garden——Far from the noise of the city, a group of young white-collar workers live together in a green shared three-dimensional community...... Start a wonderful slash life!
Share Space:
1.There are big steps on the east and west sides. The seating area of the big steps is shared with the city for citizens to stay and rest.
2.Four small courtyards on the second floor are shared with the upper floor residents.
3.The secret garden on the third floor of the center is shared by all the residents and the surrounding community.
1.The shops on the second floor have an outside area along the street, suitable for friends to get together.
2.The four small courtyards are places where friends can get together and chat.
Dislocation Shape:
1.The apartments in the upper part of the project are arranged in a dislocated way, and the south part of the apartments is elongated, so that all apartments have sunshine and improve living comfort.
2.The dislocation of the volume reduces the thickness of the building, and the new building has the least impact on the sunshine of the existing residential building on the north side.
3.The design of the shape enriches the facade.
Green Corridor
1.This space is located in the sky garden on the second floor, which is not affected by the traffic flow on the ground and improves the social quality.
2.There is a double floor space on the east and west sides of the area, which is equipped with green plants and seating for adjacent shops, showing the quality and commercial atmosphere of the project and forming an interaction with the surroundings.
1.The hotel and apartment of the project serve the young people in the city, so the young and energetic "orange" is chosen as the memory color of the project.
2.On the facade, a vibrant orange color is arranged between the main building blocks by squeezing them. In the interior design, orange is also used as the theme to create a secret garden on the third floor.

Design by MAS

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