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Huizhou Tuobang office building – by Cocoa Wang


Project design: Wang Kejiao COCOA
Design team: Tang Xiaodong, Liao Yalu, Jiang Yuguo, Guozhi
Project address: Huizhou, China
Project area: 3000 square meters
Design time: April 2019
Main materials: emery, aluminum veneer, stainless steel, metal veneer, latex paint, floor glue
Tags: focus on the future, create wisdom Cloud City, sunshine, efficiency, environmental protection, nature, learning

The Huizhou office building of Topbond is used for research and development. Party A hopes to create an atmosphere of University, so a "library" is set up on the second floor of the comprehensive building. Design is not a stacking of materials, not a channel for designers to show greedy. In this case, the design concept of "less is more" is adopted to give full play to the advantages of the original building and avoid disadvantages. Using the hollow position to increase the ladder and slide to increase the continuity and interest of the space.
The open area in the center of space is set as reading area, which is the spirit of space and supports flexible change. The original open hollow area is utilized, and the indoor space is extended to the outdoor with bright leisure furniture. Meanwhile, the natural light and natural ventilation are introduced into the center of the building. The pixel arrangement of skylights further emphasizes the spatial characteristics, so that the informal office area can better serve the employees without fixed positions, and can be easily transformed into the display and test area of high-end furniture prototype, open cooperation area and large-scale activity space.

Cocoa Wang

KAIYUE Office Design Creative Director

Emerging commercial office space designer, commercial office space brand strategy consultant; member of CPCA China Creative Pioneer Association, was awarded the honorary title of "China Creative Pioneer", and trained in PINKI EDU Pinki International Creative Aesthetic Education Center 22th.
Focusing on commercial office space design for nearly ten years, helping to create a commercial office space brand. Over the years, he has been committed to comprehensive solutions for the design of well-known commercial office space, with design creation as the core, giving commercial office brand space value to continue the brand power, thinking about space and human relations in an exploratory and research way, and creating modern commercial office space Design more possibilities.
Has successfully served well-known brands: JD.com, Vipshop, Xiaopeng Smart Car, Ping An, Bank of China, Guangzhou Automobile Group, Sohu Focus, LAKALA, Beston Electronics, Primi Technology, Kangyun Technology, Topbon It is a domestic first-line well-known commercial brand such as Jiefang, Jufuda Medicine, Kegao Electric, New Channel Education, and Weixue Education.
Honorary awards: 2019 Jinliang China Design Award, 2019 CPCA Pioneering Person Award, 2019 CPCA Annual Most Valuable Person Award, 2019 Seventh IDG Golden Creative International Design Award "Business Space International Innovation Award"; 2019 CPCA China Creative Pioneer; Seventh International Space Design Award "ID + G" Gold Creative Award International Space Design Competition Cultural Office Space [International Innovation Design Award]; 2019 American International Innovation Design Award "2019 International Influential Designer Award" ···