IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 GOLD Prize

Design of Furniture


. The basic task was to develop a sustainable, metal-free, mass-produced and modularly expandable desk that could complement the existing bed KIDD of GUUT GmbH. On the one hand, the desk had to meet the requirements of GUUT GmbH in terms of a CO2-neutral product, thus consists entirely of components developed and produced locally in a sustainable manner and, on the other hand, it had to be easy to pack. The most difficult task was to establish reasonable production costs. Together with the bed, the desk NIVOO now forms the basis for a children's sustainable furniture series that is currently under development with the aim of becoming CO2-negative.
Dimensions (LxWxH):
in cm: 130x60x72,5 H = 125 cm with canopy
PLAY ON 3 -7 years old: NIVOO has a table height of 52 cm and serves as a stage, a playground in your own empire. The (heaven) tent offers light and space for the imagination of the kiddos. If the light band fed with solar cells is threaded into the back of the tent, you get a spectacularly illuminated stage. If, on the other hand, the light band is threaded at the front of the tent, the tent room is perfectly illuminated for work.
GROW ON 8 -15 years old: With a table height of 62 cm, NIVOO becomes an inspiring and faithful companion for adolescents. From capturing creative ideas, satisfying the thirst for knowledge to the first love letter - NIVOO is always at your side. The practical optional shelves elegantly complete the workplace.
WORK ON 16 -99 years old: With a working height of 72 cm, NIVOO becomes an aesthetic and stable workplace and a creative retreat for all, fitting into any living space as a decorative piece.
The basic structure consists of 4 wooden legs which are guided through a body with drawers. The lower plate of the body has a notch next to each leg’s opening. In the notches are housed the supports of wooden dowels guided through the legs to prevent them from slipping. At the upper end, the table legs have an elliptical cross-section so that they do not twist, at the lower end the section is circular to achieve the most elegant effect.
A rope construction is used to stiffen the system. Under the table, there is a deflection for 2 ropes, which are fixed with a wooden thread and which are guided laterally to the left and right. One end of each rope is threaded through a hole in a table leg or can be fixed there for reinforcement by means of an eight-sling. Each end is then threaded through two holes in the lower table top and braced there. On each side of the table there are two wooden screws, which clamp the rope ends and serve as child protection. The tent poles as well as the dowels on the undersides of the shelves are inserted through the head ends of the legs and locked underneath the table top by tensioning the ropes.

Design by Christian Kroepfl

Born in Western Austria I currently practice as an Architect and Designer in Vienna and Lustenau, where I develop and design high-quality design furniture.
In my design work the questions about functionality and quality as well as the use of natural and sustainable materials are in the centre of the development process. It’s all about the clarity of design and the deliberate restraint to the essential which averts superficial attention: modest, sophisticated and sometimes calm in nature, these pieces of furniture make a point that great design does not tolerate hierarchies or compromise in the interaction of form and function. Sometimes just the simple idea of a truss, and its expression through elegant design is the distinguishing feature of one of these jewels for your home or office.
Modern design, in particular combinations of steel and solid wood, resolves into timeless and aesthetic furniture that beautifies our everyday life.

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