IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design of Decoration Display

Nanning Jinlin Jiuxi Sales Department soft-fitting program


The project is located in the new comprehensive urban area of Nanning,targeting high-end improvements,is Blessed with a view of the five elephant lakes,lots of real estate around,to stand out from the crowd,impress the target audience,must have a certain topic and personality.


The pace of life is fast nowadays,people are looking for more and more comfort in their homes,it's not just smart convenience,and a desire to have a natural environment,let your mind and body relax,the relationship between man and technology, the relationship with nature,is An inescapable topic of the moment. So, this case has chosen "human, science and technology, nature" as the theme, both in line with the current trend and sales department of modern hard-dressed temperament, also should project natural scenery five Elephant Lake's selling point, and set up various types of art installations to inspire people to think about this,strive to create a leading、quality,、comfort、differentiation of the space,it also conveys the spirit of humanistic care,take the space up a notch.

Guangzhou Shiwei interior decoration design Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Shiwei interior decoration design Co., Ltd. is a high-end design company under shiweiguan group. It has a professional interior design team in China, and guides the high-end decoration market with its service mode strength of "full design". To meet all design requirements of customers in model rooms, villas, hotels, brand stores, etc., we provide one-stop design services for customers, including house type analysis, functional layout, style positioning, capital planning, drawing budget, soft decoration accessories, furniture purchase, main material product collocation, equipment purchase and all-round design process. The company has 300 employees. It has an experienced professional team in the overall service of exclusive store design, hotel club room, model room and high-end private house. With the help of the powerful brand penetration of shiweiguan group and its unique design style and taste, the company has won a high reputation in the industry.
Dongguan Gupo Furniture Co., Ltd. is a furniture manufacturing enterprise of shiweiguan group. It is a professional company integrating design, R & D, production, sales and high-end civil furniture customization. The company's brand gubur "Gupo" reinterprets the luxurious and refined design style.
Shiwei library attaches great importance to personnel training. The company has set up Shiwei business school, which adheres to the school running concept of "unity of knowledge and practice, adult self-development" to serve the enterprise, carry out internal talent training and talent incubation, so as to provide employees with a good development platform, and meet the needs of talents in different development stages of the company, and always implement the "strong will, dare to bloom, bravely undertake and have results" Employment concept.
Shiwei Museum advocates the development concept of "independent innovation and all employees' entrepreneurship". As long as you want it, as long as I have it, I will do everything you can. This is a platform for partnership and entrepreneurship. Opportunities always belong to those who are independent and dare to innovate. Here, we create together, we share.
Business contact: Guo Sizhong Tel: 13922122729
Address: unit 2007, West Tower, block C, poly World Trade Center, 1000 Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (postcode: 510310)
Official website: http://www.swg1998.com/

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