IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Profesional Award -- Innovation 

Commercial Exhibition Design

Moran Hot Pot – IIDA Award 2020


Moran Hot Pot 130m2

Moran is the name of this restaurant’s name, the name of the symbol in Chinese history, the Traditional Chinese landscape image. At beginning, to bring the similar words image into design is what user expected on this case. Therefore, the project is created with same expectation.
“Mo” in Mandarin means ink, in traditional Chinese way of drawing, ink can be used to describe many conceptions. Based on the pronunciation, “Ran” is the meaning of Natural, getting to the earth, be friend of earth, are what the user’s target while given this name. Green, natural and traditional Chinese style are the main subject of this design.

At front door, there is a gray stone wall before entrance with Moran Chinese letters image circled by the green grass as based. To used the nature materials to point out the Logo and combine with the shop image. After entry, the reception on the right hand side is built with black marble stone and Natural oak wall. Starting with these two items brings whole Chinese style painting image into whole space. Each tables are isolated by the Chinese style’s screen partition but still keep as part of the open area. The Calligraphy style wall paper is used on the side wall and gray brick wall on the kitchen side’s wall to Beijing, China.
In Asia, hot-pot restaurant are very often to find in each area, This projects shows the differences on the subjects of the combination in the Chinese style and Nature, ink wall paper, grass, oak, stone and others materials. On the other word, this spatial image will attract and share the confidence for those who enter this space as the user’s expectation 0n shop’s name, Moran.

Song Hanlin

Yann Lin Interior Desing

Master of interior design, University of science and technology of China

Incumbent: Chairman of Taoyuan interior design and decoration business association chairman of Taiwan interior design and decoration business association National Federation supervisor of Taoyuan local court installation mediation committee member Yan Lin director of interior design and Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. General Manager of Hanmei construction and Development Co., Ltd. chairman of Asia Pacific T’DesignAward interior design competition Universal University of science and Technology lecturer professional and technical personnel examination committee lecturer,Department of interior design, Ministry of promotion and education lecturer, Department of interior design, University of science and technology of China lecturer, Department of construction, universal University of science and technology
Experience: The 13th vice president, the 12th vice president, the 11th supervisor, the 10th Senate director of Taoyuan interior design and decoration business association The 7th executive director of Taiwan interior design and decoration trade association The 6th supervisor of Taiwan interior design and decoration trade association Awarding guests 2018 CBDA China Soft Decoration Art Festival Review of 2018 taoqing cup space creative design painting competition Review of 2019 Taiwan National Technical College "wood" cultural and creative design competition
Awards: JINTANG PRIZE IDS international design pioneer First prize of Asia Pacific Space Designer's residential space category Asia Pacific TAODING Award for Space Residence CDBA China soft furnishing art residence space gold medal CDBA China soft furnishing Art Festival annual most creative design figure CDBA China Building Decoration Association annual most brand innovative design organization CDBA China Building Decoration Association HUADING Award China interior design ten excellent cases Taiwan excellent manufacturer customer satisfaction gold medal China industry and Commerce Trade National quality assurance gold medal

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