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Italy International Design Award 2024

Character Award 

Commercial Exhibition Design

LEO BUYER – by Qian XU


LEO BUYER · Leave White

For the domestic and foreign high quality minority clothing designer brand collection shop. This brand collection store branch
Located in Yitian Holiday Lane Shopping Center, Xi 'an High-tech Zone,
Match the surrounding middle and high-end consumer groups.


White space, as a common technique in Chinese painting, has the characteristics of Chinese aesthetics.
Empty space gives birth to anacreontic, empty silence gives birth to wisdom. "Nothing" is better than "being", that is, "white space".
Intentional gaps built under the coordination framework, For the viewer left endless space for imagination.
LEO NUYER LIUY · White space brand meaning, A dress, however beautiful, is only half made, It needs the right people to bring it to life.

"Blank space", also be the core place that this case space designs at the same time.
In the form of brand collection stores, It determines the diversity of clothing styles. Accordingly, set tone for this case "clean, relaxed" integral visual experience. Hopefully, in enough white space, Let every garment of every brand in it, Like a piece of fine art, Show off your unique style and tone.
To convey a positive, optimistic, confident attitude towards life, Deliver high quality values. The ground of Also shows the breadth of heaven and earth.

"The boss's wish is that every lady who comes in here, Can complete a gorgeous turn, do their own life home, To a brighter stage." Hope here: is a gorgeous turn around node. And at this point, In harmony with "space design", Follow everywhere "chapter trace".
The front of the clothing store It's a white glowing box, In the whole mall very attention.
The storefront has two entrances, The main entrance is a luminous "tunnel", Need to pass corner at the same time, ability enters a space formally. The "time tunnel" shuttle experience makes "mystery" and "ritual" at the same time, Abundant light also makes each customer become a "luminous body", It indicates that everyone is a shining "protagonist".

White is base,
red is ornament color.

Embellish color can be changed according to different season, different theme. Considering the festive atmosphere of the opening, The designer chose red as the theme color for the opening season, Applied to the two entrances of the storefront, The main entrance is applied to glass, The secondary entrance will be the "red carpet" at the entrance, Walking down the "red carpet," At the end was a wall of mirrors, The space is further extended visually.

Every girl who likes to shop in clothing stores, It is natural to hope that each visit is full of freshness.
LEO BUYER · Blank entry, Designed two rows of white boards that can rotate 360 degrees. By regularly adjusting the Angle of the board, Bring different experience to customers.
"Blank space" is the carrier of "blank space", thus rendering the art of "endless beauty". "Blank space" contains and accepts the concrete representation of any art form. And "LEO BUYER · White space," the idea of "white space," is also waiting for the right one, To give it full life.
In the "white space" encounter, foresee more possibilities.

"Blank space" is the carrier of "blank space", thus rendering the art of "endless beauty".

Xu Qian

Personal studio: Qingzuo Space Design

Graduated from tsinghua University Environmental Space Art design senior workshop
Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Some honors in recent years:
Top 100 International Influential Innovative Designer Award of 2019 4th Sino US International Innovative Design Competition
2019 China US International Design Culture Exchange Ambassador Honor
Top 100 International Influential Innovative Designer Award of the Second China Japan International Pioneer Design Competition in 2019
In 2018, his work "Moushang Hair Salon" won the Excellent Commercial Space Award of 2019 9th Nest Building Award
In 2017, it won the Excellent Work Award of The First Household Decoration Design Competition of Shaanxi Province, which was the "Hexi Wanjia Cup";
In December 2017, he graduated from Beijing Zhonghe Fashion Soft Clothing training, and obtained the soft clothing designer qualification certificate and national display engineer qualification certificate
In 2014, it won the 5th China International Space Environment Art Design Nesting Award;
In 2013, it won the Excellent Work Award of "Nesting, Design and Life Praise" issued by China Decoration Association;
In 2012, Jiujingtai Design Work won the third prize of "Environmental Protection Design Competition";
In 2009, he participated in the Column Of Shaanxi Creative Space and won the title of Excellent Designer;
In 2008, the work Taste Life was published in the excellent design works of Sanqin City Newspaper

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