IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Jury Group Member

Associate Founder presso Fasemodus Architettura

Founded in Milan by Luca Bucci, FASEMODUS is an architecture studio whose design activity investigates multiple ways of using contemporary space in order to imagine new evolutions.
Based in Milan and with partnerships in several countries, FASEMODUS develops projects ranging from territorial planning to corporate architecture; from public places to workplaces; from cultural spaces to residential spaces. The different competences of our team make us capable of develop project themes in an integrated way, from the initial phases of conception to those of realization.
MATLAB - the green division of FASEMODUS - develops projects and discusses the issues of environmental sustainability, ecology of building components, and Biophilic Design.
Graduated with full marks in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he perused a second degree cum laude in Architecture at Università di Genova.
He carried out teaching and research activities at the Faculty of Engineering of Milan Polytechnic in the "architecture and architectural composition" course and in the "technical architecture" course; at the Faculty of Architecture in the "building materials technology" course.
He developed particular skills related to urban transformation through the use of complex public-private partnership tools.
After an initial experience at Techint Engineering, in 1993 he founded the office Bianchi Bucci Associati, which became BBV Associati in 1997.
In 2003 he set up StudioFASE, which became FASEMODUS architettura in 2017.
With the MATLAB group he explores issues related to the sustainability of construction processes in architecture; since 2017 he is a member of the Landscape Commission for the Province of Lodi.
2008_ Graduated cum laude in Architecture at Universittà di Genova
1999_ Politecnico di Milano and others: post graduated course in Project Financing 1993_ Registration in the Register of Engineers, Province of Milan - n° 17280 1991_ Graduated in Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano
2005_ taught lectures at DOMUS ACADEMY Milano
1997_ taught lectures at CESVIP Piacenza _ post-degree courses
1992 –1999: Teaching assistance at Politecnico di Milano in the following corse:
Faculty of Architecture - Technology for Building Materials Faculty of Engineering - Technology for Building Materials Faculty of Engineering - Technical Architecture
Faculty of Engineering - Architectural Composition
from 2003 1997-1993 1993-1997
founder of the Milan-based StudioFASE, which in 2017 became FASEMODUS Associate at BBV Associates
Associate at the firm Bianchi e Bucci associati

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