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Jianye Hebi Shine Mansion Sales Center – by Yixian LIU


Central China Real Estate Limited
Project Name: Jianye Hebi Shine Mansion Sales Center

Jianye Shine Mansion is located in Hebi, a city with a history of three thousand years. Through the baptism of times, only elegance can inherit its profundity. The design integrates humanity and nature perfectly, abandons the complicated decoration and returns to the original, uses more restrained means to express the beauty of implication, and creates a spiritual area like art gallery. The atmosphere, simplicity and quiet interactive communication space make the visitors feel the tremendous enjoyment brought by art everywhere.

Liu Yi Xian

Professional Profile
Vice President of Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers
Director of Six Arts Start Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Famous Interior Designer
Expert in Innovative Research and Development of Real Estate Decoration
Nominated Cover of the Year of Interior Design
Elite of IDF International Design Forum
Pioneer of Slow Life Design
Special Guest of CCTV Special Program for Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC

IIDA Registered Designer
Silver Award of 2019 DRIVEN x DESIGN Paris Design Awards
Excellence Award of 2019 IAI Design Award 2019意大利A' Design Award
Bronze Award of 2019 A' Design Award
Excellence Award of 2019 CREDAWARD
Excellence Award of 2019 Kinpan Awards
Excellence Award of 2019 Good Design Selection
Most Commercially Valued Brand of 2019 China Top Design Brand
2018-2019 Top Ten Design Institutes of 2019 Guangzhou Design Week
Excellence Award of 2019 K-Desing Award
Bronze Award of 2019 International Space Design Award - Idea-Tops
Gold Award for Best Creative Work of 2017 C+Award
Gold Award for Best Design Work of 2017 C+Award

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