IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design of Model Room

Jiangmen Jianghai Wanda Plaza


Project information
Project Name: Jiangmen Jianghai Wanda Plaza
Project location Jiangmen, Guangdong
Design time | 2020.02 completion time | 2020.04 soft decoration design | EMA Yimei design


The sea of truth lies in front of my eyes all things that I have not found, and let me explore Newton
The ocean, exploring life and the unknown, is changeable and unfathomable; but behind the mysterious scene, it is as simple and pure as a child, giving things an aesthetic attitude of life without boundaries.
Jiangmen Jianghai Wanda Plaza, located in the city center of Jianghai District, is located in the city of Wuyi with a long history and full of cultural charm. It takes the ocean as the medium, undertakes the ever-changing trend of fashion, and gives the explosion of infinite vitality of modern science and technology and fashion. With the self confrontation of "parallel space", it shows young and energetic personality choices, deconstructs the concept of tropism of natural elements and remoulds it Modern urban new human trend business district.
The design is in line with the geographical characteristics of Jianghai district. Based on the marine design elements inspired by "Jianghai", the concept of finless porpoise sculpture, colorful and novel fashion play is applied in the whole space, and modern art is connected to create a trendy space with a sense of science and technology, which will stir up ripples in the "city center" and become the city's fashion card punching center and lead the future life.
In the light of natural light and shadow, the line texture is full of movement from the beginning. There is no specific constraint between the smooth and straight lines. Being in it, it releases the pressure brought by the rapid development of urban rhythm, and freely perceives the Frank personality of space.
The open architecture design contains natural shapes, artistic aesthetics and popular culture of different styles, but it can give people a fresh and pleasant clean and clear. In simple colors, the layers of bar walls, the simple and elegant fashion of marble and tables and chairs, and the artistic elements of water like texture are all interpreting their own brilliance, and at the same time contain strength, such as small ripples in the sea Finally, they came together to form an amazing "high wall wave".
As the sand falls and waves rise, the blue color of the sea opens, forming a green ecological cycle in the comfortable negotiation area. This is also the side that modern young people hope to present in the architectural space, which represents a healthy lifestyle and fashion taste.
In the space, the blue and white fishing net decorative painting reflects the "vast ocean". In front of the avant-garde trend art, it always follows the linear art and marine biological elements, weaving the dream of living in harmony between the river and Sea city people and nature, but symbolizing the freedom and individuality of human settlements.
Today, with the innovation of science and technology and the all-round development of colorful humanities and arts, pixel, multi space and steam wave art have become the key words of designers, which also reflects the bidirectional influence of the times on architecture and people.
From the top to the bottom, the scattered mica art installation gives the visual sense of brisk experience. Walking along the stairs of metal mirror, it seems to dance with beautiful creatures, pure and beautiful.
The sea symbolizes the infinite possibility, which is as famous as the stars, which means the boundless exploration of the future. Therefore, in addition to the elements of river and sea, the design of the concept level of the universe is also added in the second layer.
Not sticking to the rules, abandoning the traditional sense of distance, combining with the concept of "off the net red", the fashion items and kaws doll decorations are gathered to show the ritual sense of modern light life through the design of colors, lines and technological elements, so as to depict a world full of sky power for pedestrians.
The vigorous development of contemporary art, the innovation of science and technology, and the integration of urban life, means that the modern urban people's lifestyle, aesthetic expression, and humanistic enjoyment have diversified personality and rich connotation. In Jianghai Wanda Plaza, the space conceived by the designer is more realizable, and at this level, it deduces the life attitude of fearless future and safe present.

AOD Interiors

In 2016, it is good to cooperate with Shanghai Wanke Decoration Co., Ltd. and Wanrong Decoration Co., Ltd., which was established in Shanghai Wanke Decoration Co., Ltd. At present, the company has a total of 45 people, the organizational structure is relatively perfect, including a number of hard and soft decoration teams, the scale is gradually growing, and the division of labor within the team is clear. Main service content: real estate product line R & D and consulting: Service content: demonstration area, large area, model room, hardbound positioning, effect drawing, assisting the formation of architecture and landscape, completing product line and content research and development; R & D and consultation of batch hardcover product line: Project hardcover positioning, plane optimization, hardcover effect production, establishment of hardcover product line, output of standardized results

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