IIDA Italy International Design Award

Professional Award -- GOLD 

Decoration Display Design

CIFI·EPOCH Sales Exhibition Center – IIDA Award 2020


CIFI · EPOCH sales exhibition center is made up of closely connected container boxes, which are divided into three Spaces A, B and C. Space A is responsible for reception, space B further displays the detailed overview of the project on sale, and space C provides a place for leisure and negotiation. The three spaces are connected by the glass gallery and arranged around the landscape atrium in order to form the best moving line for visitors.
In the overall decoration design of the interior space, combining modern and simple walls, roofs and floors, taking art and the future as the starting point, through the infinite connection of acrylic, stainless steel and other materials with light and natural light, on the premise of keeping the space simple, the concept shows a frameless sense of the future, and combs out an artistic story vein and time light from the space dynamic line.

Space A Transformation time and space
As the first sensory interface after entry, the overall space is mainly for display. Window, as an external display interface, is presented in the form of show window, and the small corner of scene life is used to show the change brought by time and space transformation weightlessness.
Acrylic art installation is used in the middle area to separate people from the led screen at the entrance to avoid facing the led screen after entering the space. High transparency of acrylic, that is, the real existence and not congestion. Acrylic and metal spheres interspersed on each other, people can pass through the middle or bypass from the side, which like to galaxies around virtual movement orbit.
From light to deep, wavy blue transparent acrylic shuttles around the window. The gallery connecting spaces A, B and C looks like a space-time tunnel, you can enter another space through it.
Space B Future City
This spatial function is mainly to introduce and display the project information, and we take the sand table as the highlight of the design and transformation. Echo with the theme while retaining the existing functions to maximize, lead the concept of suspended city into space. The translucent frosted acrylic base is filled with space cotton, which highlights the concept of the future city above the clouds.
Space C Future Life
The whole space is the area of reception, negotiation, chatting and leisure. On the basis of practicality, it keeps the echo with A and B space through material, color and shape, and keeps the intelligence and purity of the whole space.
Transparent seat and white glass table, virtual and real, which especially transparent under the effect of light reduce space cramp.

Faithwoods Design Co., Ltd

Faithwoods is a design company that focuses on the optimization of residential space and the practice of hardcover aesthetics. It is affiliated to the General Institute of landscape architecture design and research, Chinese Academy of fine arts, and the Institute of space environment art - space Furnishing Art office. The core team of the company comes from China Academy of fine arts and well-known foreign universities. More than 40% of the designers have master's degree, covering environmental art, color, industrial design and other disciplines. The senior professor of China Academy of fine arts serves as the aesthetic consultant, and the senior interior designer serves as the project leader.
At present, the company has established cooperative relations with many brand real estate enterprises, such as Vanke, green city, China Resources, etc., and has completed many R & D and landing of fine decoration Housing collection pedigree, fine decoration whole house customization standardization pedigree, space color pedigree, etc.; at the same time, the team continues to learn the latest soft decoration aesthetic collocation and process practice at home and abroad, forming a hard decoration soft decoration system landing for many owners Success stories.
Faithwoods is committed to the overall soft decoration design, color atmosphere construction, space function optimization and high standard R & D and landing of display products. The team is based on the design concept of depth frontier, guided by the product texture and design value, to establish a unique aesthetic concept and product system. The design style is based on the times and beyond the line, rich in aesthetic feeling and focused on connotation, and is developed in the mainstream aesthetic It is a representative design language for users to build contemporary space aesthetics with classic and eternal works.