99 Zhonghua North Road
Winner of 2023 Prize

Design of Urban Planning


The No.99 Zhonghua North Road project is located in the north section of Zhonghua North Road, Beiyun District, Guiyang City,It is one of the important financial circles in the old town of Guiyang,The entire street is flanked by historic buildings,The project is next to the historical building of the Republic of China ‘Mao Gongguan’( Built in 1930). The team wanted to respect the original historical context of the site,On the ground and on the walls Through materials, color, texture and Historical pattern element and so on,Try to integrate the site into the surrounding historic district,By solving the site height difference,Site optimization disadvantages,Open block interface Etc mode,Make it a potential urban public space in the future.It's on the south side of the project,The height difference of 6 meters between the site and the surrounding road is resolved by means of platform descending,It relieves the blocked feeling that the indoor lobby looks towards the outdoor landscape,The design features a planting pool in the middle of the square to form the carriage return,It not only satisfies the drop-off function, but also enhances the overall sense of ceremony at the entrance,The map of the historic district of Zhonghua North Road is embedded in the bottom of the mirror pool,To awaken citizens' memories of history,It has enhanced the public's new understanding of the 99 Zhonghua North Road project.

Design by Honing Studio