IIDA Italy International Design Award

Culture & Tourism Planning

Hainan Commercial Plaza
Winner of 2023 Prize

Design of Culture & Tourism Planning


This is a hall where the world's architectural art gathers. Artists encounter the romance and leisure of nature here. When art derives its unique context and branches, the villa carrying art is born and shines brightly; the artist base, located on an international tourist island in the South China Sea, has unparalleled transportation advantages. It is 20 minutes away from Hainan International Airport. The house of art starts here, picking up dreams here, telling calligraphy, painting and music, youth stories, reading poetry and watching musicals, boundless art, happy life, enjoy a leisurely journey, and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Design by YAN CHEN

Yan Chen, Vice President of Dongguan Hengtai Technology Group.He was the ninth-level executive of Wanda Group and the design director of Overseas Chinese Urban Regional Company. He has been committed to cultural tourism creation and creative design of theme entertainment for 25 years. He has presided over the design and technology of super high-rise buildings in Shenyang Baoneng Global Financial Center, as well as many successful cases in the field of green buildings and technological housing. Representative works Beijing Happy Valley, Wanda Xishuangbanna International Resort, etc.an be sorted individually in word format

Fujian Province. Quanzhou City. Kuixia-Cultural Tourism Town Overall Planning and Concept Planning and Design
Winner of 2023 Prize

Design of Culture & Tourism Planning


FUNCTION: Cultural tourism town
SIZE: 221.62 ha
PHASE: Conceptual planning and urban design
DATE: 2019
CITY: Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China
Kuixia Village is a Chinese village surrounded by the sea, a famous overseas Chinese village. More than 3,000 population, overseas Chinese account for 90%. Since Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Kuixia people, who "take the sea as their field", have gone abroad to make a living. Now, the descendants of Kuixia who live abroad are five times as many as the population of their hometown villages. "There are rich elegant houses, but no elegant houses".
Kuixia Village has both continuous red brick ancient houses and beautifully designed Fanzai buildings. Beautiful and spectacular, carved Liang jade brick, Zhu Yan Huancai, clever take the world, is a well-known architectural complex. Historic house, fence, we, lane, ancestral hall, correlation, ancient, pond, tree, etc of the distinctive race and cultural landscape of the sea. According to the policy guidance of the new rural construction in 2019, against KuiXia village development needs, the village party branch organization relevant professional and technical personnel to do a lot of investigation and study, combined with the actual analysis of the existing form and village collective economy industry development has carried on the investigation and research, and exchange views with relevant departments and the construction unit many times, the consent of all the villagers agreed to, On the basis of full investigation and argumentation, the Overall Planning and Conceptual Planning Design of Fujian Kuixia Cultural Tourism and Health Town on both sides of the Taiwan Straits was compiled.
Project planning objectives: revitalize the idle housing assets in rural areas, develop rural cultural tourism and health care communities, occupy the new heights of cultural tourism and health care market, promote the economic and cultural construction on both sides of the Straits, and bring new opportunities for regional construction and development!Industry orientation: Take the town as the first core attraction of tourism and health care, drive the development with tourism culture and art, and support the operation of health care. Build Nan 'an "urban scenic spot" benchmarking demonstration area! Fujian Kuixia. Cross-strait Cultural Tourism Cultural and Creative Base (launch area) Fujian Kuixia. Cross-strait Cultural Tourism and Health Town (development scale)
Industrial objectives: cultural tourism, art entrepreneurship, Marine culture and entertainment, traditional Chinese medicine health care, cross Straits cultural and creative arts, excellent traditional culture exchange base, health and livable new town. finally achieve the goal of common prosperity of all villagers.

Design by Lin Xiaoyan

1993-1998 Graduated at Department of Urban Planning and Architecture, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Bachelor of Architecture.
2009-present As an independent architectural designer, founded "Beijing Mogen Architecture and Planning Design Co., LTD."
From 2016 to 2018, as technical support, I had accomplished many important projects of "Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute", "Beijing Yunxiang Architectural Design Co., LTD." and other architectural design institutes with Grade A comprehensive qualification. We had won the international bidding ranking for many times, and obtained the recognition of Party A with good results.
"Beijing Mogen Architecture and Planning Design Co., LTD." has also achieved remarkable achievements in the industry and established a good reputation in the industry.
2016-2018 Beijing Yunxiang International Architectural Design Co., LTD -partner
2009-2022 (present) Beijing Mogen Architecture and Planning Design Co., LTD-Principal Architect
2007-2008 Australia Wuhe International Architectural Design Co. LTD Beijing Company Chinese manager director designer 2004-2007 Longan Architectural Planning and Design Consulting Co., LTD
Deputy Director of Architecture and Deputy Director of Planning
2000-2003 Chief designer of Beijing Mochen Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD
In 1998-1999 Designer of Shenzhen Linzhu Landscape Planning and Design Co., LTD