IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Hotel Club Space Design

3z smart theme hotel


Project name :3z smart theme hotel

Project address: jiudu square, renhuai city, Guizhou province.
Project area :2880 square meters.
Design content: building secondary planning steel structure intelligent lobby public area corridor 33 theme room outdoor and flyover landscape area Vi system.
Design company: xi 'an profession art center
Chief case designer: Jin gan
Deputy chief case designer: wei kun Wu zhichang
Design assistant: Yang xudong


Tradition and modern collision the fusion of the theme and intelligent public area and the appearance of modern style, and liquor square sharp contrast to the traditional Chinese style style quadrangles and collision 33 theme room, combine the current relatively popular in the 21 kinds of theme each style can form 6 different scenarios with the intelligent system model can provide inhabitants with 126 kinds of completely different experience

Gan Jin

Founder and design director of Xi'an provenson, 22 years' experience
chief representative of design network in Shaanxi Province
Secretary General of northwest region of Singapore Interior Design Association
"Idea-Tops Award" of International Space Design Award member of the jury of Xi'an competition division
Executive director of intelligent Decoration Committee of Shaanxi interior decoration Association
Secretary General of the Executive Committee of "Idea-Tops Award" Xi'an competition Division

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