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Ying RUI

Ms. Ruiying is dedicated to simple and creative design. She has unique views on international fashion culture, and constantly breaks through the traditional aesthetic principles. Her works cover interior and soft design and other fields. Each work is unique and unique, and presents a new development direction in the field of interior space aesthetics. The essence of design is not only to conform to the popular trend in material and modeling, but also to love life and move at will, combining the artistic appearance with the technical inside, until the coexistence of aesthetics and practicality.
一Co founder & Design Director of Shanghai Guangying decoration consulting Co., Ltd
一Supervisor & Design Director of Wuxi Pinyuan Decoration Design Co., Ltd
一Member of interior design branch of China Architecture Society

Main honors

2019 International Innovation Design Award for space design category of GPDP AWARD model house of France double faced God

2019 gpdp Award International Innovation Design Award for villa space design of double faced God in France

In 2019, it won the top 100 influence design award of the sixth French double faced God International Design Award

Shenyang Yujingwan Model House Won The 2019 Zhu Rong Award For Best Works

Top100 Of m+ High-End Interior Design Grand Prix
Gold Award In 2018 China Architectural Decoration Golden Eagle Design Grand Prix
Honorable Mention In The 9th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops Shanghai Competition Area Model House Design
China Building Decoration Association 2018 Design Young Leader
Outstanding Winner Of Haier Smart Family Cup Interior Design Championship Shanghai Division
Project Was Shortlisted In The Shanggao Cup China Interior Design Grand Prix
Office Building Project Of Redflag Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co.,Ltd. Was Shortlisted In China Interior Design Grand Prix
Shenyang Xinzhou Pujiangyuan Phase Ii Model House Project Was Shortlisted In China Interior Design Grand Prix
Shanggao International Health Club Project Was Listed In The Modern Decoration Newspaper
The Shanshui Lakeside Villa Project Was Listed In The Modern Home Newspaper