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Cultural Office

Interior design of Yuzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, building 5, phase II of Rongxin Greenland
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Interior design of Yuzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, building 5, phase II of Rongxin Greenland
The function of this project is positioned as a high-end training institution. The 10th floor is part of the training activity space, and the 11th floor is the core management office space of the institution. The project contains multiple demands for space, hoping that the space is open, free, pioneering, and takes shared communication as the core. Meanwhile, the management office space and reception space need to satisfy their relative independence and sense of ceremony. Because of the characteristics of the courses taught by the training institutions, the design incorporates the Chinese traditional cultural temperament into the modern space. The 10th floor is a training space, and each classroom is like an independent module, with a deep understanding of the characteristics of teaching activities, and using a trapezoidal space. There is a relatively quiet reading corner between each independent module. The classrooms are arranged in the outer circle with good light, enclosing the multifunctional shared space in the middle, in which various activities can be conducted. The general service counter is placed in the central section, which serves the shared space from all directions. The 11th floor is the core management space, and the front desk and background of the entrance incorporate the connotation of traditional astrological culture. The left and right areas respectively are an open shared office area and an independent and quiet business reception area. The two layers of space are responsible for different functions, looking for a certain difference in spatial temperament, but the logic and cultural symbols of the entire space are inherently continued. The contents in the spiritual layer are taken from the Chinese traditional culture, which is not stuck to specific traditional symbols. In the space, there are cultural images such as "floating clouds", "flowing water", "stars", "ripples", and "ferry boats", expressing the user's inner spiritual pursuits of "quietness", "elegance", "education" and "dissemination" to people.

Design by JiangChen & ShiXuyan

Scheme of beikejian Yizhuang science and Technology Innovation Park
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Cultural Office


The vision of Yizhuang Innovation and Technology Park is to build a technological innovation center, focusing on the four leading industries of electronic information, biomedicine, high-end automobiles, and high-end equipment. In the future, a batch of 100-billion-level and tens-billion-level enterprises will be cultivated. It will also develop and expand the four emerging industries of productive services, cultural creativity, airport services, and energy conservation and environmental protection, and form leading industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, high-end vehicles, new displays, intelligent equipment, and industrial Internet. In the design of the Exhibition Center of Building No. 1 of Beikejian Yizhuang Science and Technology Park, we hope to use the openness, malleability, flexibility, multi-dimensionality, 3D interaction, smart lighting, digital black technology, etc. of the space to create an “urban illusion”. Let people experience the convenience and fun brought by technology and feel the advent of the era of artificial intelligence. The artwork refractions through light and shadow to outline the changing beauty. The futuristic crystal box floats above the city, shaping a new visual experience, extending beauty and hope, and the future brings us unlimited perception and reverie.


Fuzhou Construction (Group) Corporation “Architectural Design and Production Base” office building space interior design scheme
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Fuzhou Construction (Group) Corporation "Architectural Design and Production Base" office building space interior design scheme
This project is the interior design of the office building "Architectural Design and Production Base" of Fuzhou Construction engineering (Group) Corporation. The interior design includes the ground and underground space.
As an extension of architecture, interior design continues the sense of texture of architectural appearance to integrate interior and exterior, creating an interior design space with architectural sense. The interior is designed with black and white terrazzo, while different colors adorn each floor to increase the identification of the floor.
1. In the design, the new technology is used to achieve the prefabricated indoor.

(1) Assembled floor
The new application of anti-static 0A network floor retains its all-steel structure, making its bearing capacity and impact resistance strong; At the same time combined with lightweight concrete, reduce noise and enhance the feeling of feet...
(2), assembled smallpox
The finished integrated lamps with perforated aluminum pendant create a bright public transportation space. In the open office area, colored glass fiber hanging sheet is set up, which is beautiful and has sound absorption effect.
(3), assembled wall
Traditional light steel keel partition wall is fully filled with sound insulation cotton, combined with bamboo fiber veneer and cement fiber panel, to achieve sound insulation and beautiful assembly wall.
2, modular design, while reducing the cost, improve the experience of interior space

  • Modularization of office space. Each office adopts the same design module, and the finely designed module is applied to the whole building to accurately meet the use requirements and reduce the cost.
  • Modularization of bay window nodes. Because the external wall panels in prefabricated buildings have structural hanging points, the bay window node modules in interior decoration design can cover the hanging points while meeting the use functions.

Design by Liying Zhou & Dandan Zheng

Guangzhou Vanke Headquarter
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Design by MAG studio

Interior design of red, yellow and blue growth center and Bosi Beto kindergarten
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Cultural Office


The project is located in Fuyang City, Anhui Province. The site is relatively regular and lacks interest. How to break through the solid structural restrictions through space design, realize an open and free environment for activities, and allow children to interact with the space, increase the interest and intimacy of the space, is the primary issue considered by the design . Humans are closely related to nature. Mother Earth nurtures all things. We want our children to contact and fall in love with nature from an early age. We all live in busy cities, seemingly far away from nature, but in fact have always been under the protection of nature. The interior design of the Aegean Red, Yellow and Blue Growth Center and the Posi Bebeto Educational Garden integrates the natural environment into the interior design in a simple way. Large areas of log materials are used, highlighting the design concept of natural ecology, and taking safety, health, comfort and fun as the starting point, giving children a space for healthy growth and free imagination.

Design by Haiqiang Chen

Founder\Design Director of Beijing Ziju Decoration Design Co., Ltd.; graduated from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, adhering to the design concept of "all design is for the growth and future of children", has been engaged in children's activity space design for many years, hoping to give children A suitable, quality and fun activity space.

Hyundai Motor Group Advanced & Digital R&D Center China
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Xintiandi. Inspired by the famous French master Jean Nouvel, the roof is a unique lighting art landmark that skillfully combines the future office, humanistic and artistic temperament of business and urban public space. Both history and fashion, inheritance and innovation, retro and trendy multiple collision. As the first overseas forward-looking digital RESEARCH and development center, it is committed to leading the future Chinese market. The open office environment not only inspires the creative inspiration of researchers, but also greatly improves the efficient collaboration ability of the team.
External view of the project
Continue the cultural foundation of Xintiandi, panoramic canopy roof, soak up the sun, watch the stars at night; About 2500 flower bowls are vertically green, rendering the colors of the four seasons.
Car Workshop空间,Car workshop space
Located on the first floor of T1 single-family building, CAR Workshop creates a modern, scientific and technological sensory space, comprehensively displays the latest digital products and services, and creates intelligent and convenient life for users.
Lobby Zone
Located in the foyers of T2 area, the first floor is divided into reception area, security system area, reception area and other Spaces. In order to reflect the brand image of Hyundai Motor Group, LED panels (OR DID splice screen) are used and the top is made of renewable wood, seeking leisure, nature and human & future exploration and technology.
,idea area and VR area
Interaction, cooperation, free discussion of creative areas, the VR area is topped with black barbed wire, breaking boundaries, modern technology sense.
Creative Area,excellent venue for free presentations and seminars
drink bar area
public space
co-working zone
The future Office Center creates an open, interchangeable, comfortable and healthy green space as a public place.
creative activity area
The space for collaboration, discussion and brainstorming can be a miracle. The Tom Dixon lampshade is as bright as a mirror, reflecting the surrounding landscape and making the whole space seem to stretch indefinitely, while the light bounces off the inside of the sphere, creating a brilliant and interesting effect of light and shadow.
office zone
viewing the bar area from the open office area
viewing the corridor from the creative space
the open office area
standardized common core Spaces,semi-open ceiling
viewing the corridor from the creative space
viewing the meeting space from the office space
The inspiration of the meeting room comes from the new office mode: co-working. The size of the conference room can be adjusted according to the number of participants. The partitions in the conference room can be moved.
By using co-working co-working mode, the utilization rate of public rest space is increased, and boundaries are broken to create comfortable, relaxed and warm-colored dining space.
details of the lighting fixtures


金信哲Kim Sinchul
2021 金创意国际空间设计大奖 新锐设计师 2021 金创意国际空间设计大奖 商展空间 国际创新设计奖 2019 青岛理工大学建筑系国际学院外聘教授 2016 青岛信哲空间设计 创立 2012 青岛腾远设计事务所 主创设计师 2011 LA DRDS studio + K 韩国分公司 Team Leader 2011 韩国高丽大学 建筑学 研究生毕业 2009 韩国 BSDesign Architect Prize Osan cultural center / 3rd Prize LH headquarters / Winner Korea Western Power Headquarters / 3rd prize Suwon-city childcare center / 2nd prize Korea Hydro & Nuclear power accommodation / Winner 2012 青岛腾远设计 优秀新员工奖 2013 青岛腾远设计 最佳成长力奖 KNF Child care center / Winner


Aqara office
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Leading IoT technology and serving thousands of households
The design concept hopes that urban office workers will be liberated from the shackles of the past and make office a way of life. Not only does it give employees a better daily experience, but also gathers a group of people of the same kind who are determined to make the office environment more relaxed, healthy and happy. The designer thinks about how to optimize the connection between people, people and the environment, and people and space.
The office lobby combines the front hall display area with the leisure coffee area through a U-shaped reception desk. The background of the front hall uses organic laminated glass to present a beautiful picture of the rising sun.
Entering the work area, the leisure, restaurant and demonstration areas are combined to form a diversified space that can provide a large-scale gathering space. It is also a necessary place for the team's daily leisure interaction, communication and collaboration. The space pillars are also decorated with white painted glass, so that the company can conduct large-scale presentations when necessary; but at the same time, employees can also use the space in a more casual way for one-to-one communication.
In order to further strengthen the interaction between employees, the work area is divided into multiple departments. Each department has rich work settings, key equipment and flexible work areas to achieve different degrees of cooperation and focused work between teams.
Leisure and office are perfectly integrated. This is not only an office space that shows charm and vitality, but also a source of inspiration and creation for designers, and it is also our best interpretation of a beautiful office life.

Design by Shen Lei (Ray)

深圳市浮廊空间设计有限公司艺术总监 中国装饰建筑奖最佳2017年度优秀设计师 中国建筑装饰协会成品住宅专家组成员 筑巢奖获奖者 金堂奖获得者 2018年第八届中国国际空间设计大赛中国建筑装饰设计年度创新作品奖 2021年IDG金创意国际空间设计大奖 别墅空间国际创新设计大奖 部分设计项目:成都蓝光集团47亩售楼处样板房、54亩售楼处样板房、紫檀山别墅等 深圳宝能太古城K1、G1、H1样板房、太古城会所所 深圳鸿隆四季样板房 深圳满京华喜悦里样板房、售楼处 深圳凯豪达会所、办公楼、样板房等 香港力研服饰办公样板、展厅、商场 遵义深航国际酒店 南昌红湾名城大酒店 普宁康美康莱大酒店、总部办公 深圳绿米科技有限公司办公楼 深圳容大生物总部大楼及接待会所 深圳梵思诺会所 深圳沙井创新科技园总部大楼 深圳乐信科技总部办公楼 深圳天鹅湖高档住宅

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design Cultural Office

Jiyin Jiahe building 15


More and more customers, regardless of the size of the enterprise, pay more attention to the extraction of their own characteristics. On this basis, we hope to explore the unique scene characteristics of each project and reflect the core of its brand. Zicheng group is a group company integrating municipal engineering, housing construction engineering, municipal design and architectural landscape design. Taking the company's industry background as the main line, the design of the project reflects the modern simple, calm and restrained modern office image with personality and fashion through the artistic processing and refining of roads, bridges, municipal road network and other elements in real life.

Jiang Hongmei

Senior Interior Designer Engineer
After more than ten years of work, Ms. Jiang Hongmei founded Nanjing yisida Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. in 2016, the company has a number of professional design teams, which are based on professional advantages, attach importance to knowledge accumulation and sharing, and strengthen the comprehensive ability of various specialties. Through efficient team operation, combining innovative ideas with modern technology, the company is committed to creating perfect works to the maximum extent Create value for customers. The main design direction is international office, science and Technology Park, Incubation Park, private club, high-end B & B, etc.

Environmental art design major of Nanjing Art Institute
Advanced training course of Tsinghua University
MBA of French National University
Hunter College art training in New York, USA
Top 10 new figures of interior design in 2008
2012 China interior design annual Jintang Award Office excellent design award
China Design Annual Conference and Golden Eagle competition

Professionnal Award 

Design Cultural Office

The Puyu


THE PUYUThe designer opened the original building and brought the courtyard into the enclosed space, so that the sky and light could be connected indoors
Stay at home, and be able to heart in the distance. Away from the sense of science and technology, let the four seasons and the wind turn inside and outside, feel the gentle breath of humanistic spirit, space change and comfortable experience. Through the user's experience of space objects, shape and material perception, we can find another way of inner need, temperature and emotion, touch nature, and find the original appearance.
In order to form a good atmosphere and achieve the interdependent dialogue between users and landscape.
The case is set off by simple and elegant rock materials and in a quiet and safe posture, presenting natural and simple materials and courtyard landscape. At the same time, the water is introduced into the water to reflect the unique color of the space. The veil hanging from the sky makes the building light and breathable. With romantic feelings as the carrier, the unique design logic is positioned in one, and aesthetics and life aesthetics are recognized The concept of texture and quality, and then to create an interactive space in which people and architectural space are interdependent.
The space has no mandatory functional zoning, open or private, simple or exquisite, smart or quiet... Designers simplify the complex. Through the analysis of space changes and materials, the space is set up as a number of different platforms, representing different forms of spacious and bright, active air flow and dialogue with water. The ground work done by hand makes the building lose its lead and luster The vertical undulation distribution and other three-dimensional relations of the space are set to achieve the effect of the retraction and release of the space itself on the guiding movement of the air flow and water. Meanwhile, the red salt bricks of the Himalayas are interspersed.
Design concept: design is to seek comfortable symbiotic and interactive free space in the relationship between water surface and sky, human and nature


A designer, brand consultant and artist, Mr GING has led the company to numerous local and international design awards in his 28 years of exploration and design career. The design style is highly praised by all walks of life and brings a new influence to the young generation of designers.
Founder/principal architect of woden architects
Design director of Shanghai SIX CONDITION space design office
WAH luo yang original decoration design engineering co. LTD
The practitioner of reconstruction of contemporary life aesthetics and life style s.

Character Award & Professional Award - SILVER,  

Design Residential

C’est La vie – by Serena Qiong ZHU


"There are flowers in spring, months in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter. If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time for human beings.". It was written by Zen master wumenhuikai in the Song Dynasty, and recorded in his book Wu men Guan, an interpretation of the ancient Buddhist case.


The four seasons of the year, each season has the beauty of each season. Here, we accompany you through spring, summer, autumn and winter, and appreciate the changes of the four seasons.

Designer : Serena Zhu Qiong

2008 Dajin interior design Rookie Award
2016 China's fourth "create space" dining space Gold Award
2016 China's fourth "creating space" new designers
Villa International Innovative Design Award of the 2nd Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition 2017
Silver Award of the professional group of 2017 CDBA China soft decoration Chen Design Award
New China Design Award of Shanghai International Design Week 2018 (provincial list)