IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Cultural & Creative Product


This innovative 3D Art Puzzle aims to spark children’s spatial creativity and artistic cognition. The product building draws inspiration from modern structuralism, and the geometric shape is the rational induction of nature.
Such an innovative shape breaks the stereotyped thinking of users on puzzle products, which allows for various vertical or horizontal assembly to offer numberless combination possibilities. The firm connector with the patent structure is easy to assemble even for children. Users can freely extend their imagination toward any direction in the three-dimensional art space. In this way, even users that have not received professional artistic training are able to enjoy the fun of creation. Additionally, the product enables children to exercise their spatial creativity, thereby helping them form the stereoscopic thinking so that children can learn about the world more comprehensively.
Based on six famous fairy tales about animals, which include Le Roman de Renart, A Dog of Flanders, The Jungle Book, Le Lion, The Cricket in Time Square and A Cat Who Lived A Million Times, the pictures of the puzzle is redesigned by the designer. Via the brand-new original artistic images paired with highly saturated colors of nature, the product expresses the love and goodwill to animals and nature, which also enlightens users on artistic as well as logical thinking and improves their execution as well as psychological quality. The personal customization of diverse patterns on the puzzle provides a richer art experience for users.
Besides, the product made of the imported gray board is printed with the environment-friendly ink. The round material prevents cutting hands, with the excellent detail processing ensuring use safety and long life span.

Design by HeBingsong design Co., Ltd.

Ranking among China's top 100 design companies, HeBingsong Design Co., Ltd. is a famous graphic design agency in China, whose design service covers a wide range of business. It has cooperated with many major brands, provided successful design service for more than 100 brands, and won lots of internationally recognized design awards. Designer Bingsong He, winner of the Dragon Design Foundation Award, was selected into the 8th list of top 100 outstanding youths in Chinese design industry. Founded in 2009, the company has gathered a team of a creative talents. It focuses on the establishment of brand image, pursues the perfect combination of business and art, and conveys the common humanity through design works.

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